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  1. Brumalis 8wk 3d ago

    I do not need a "suggestion" box in which to alter my behaviors with.

  2. Brumalis 9wk 5d ago

    Being stalked again probably by that art studio guy. Got upset when music of "black birds" reminded me of my first admiration. I don't know who this is and don't think that the comic guy has any business stalking me so am guessing the former.

    One person seemingly got pissed off and started slamming his car door many times and up and downing his windows like crazy. If you truly were a lover you would not force me thus to make a decision and be this forceful with me with harassment of anger to make me feel sorry for you. No elongated puppy dog look is going to win me over.

    I trust the comic guy. A woman needs freedom of choice and independence not a forced status.

  3. Brumalis 10wk 6d ago

    I cannot read a crock of s*** anymore with people. I think my neighbor is now the sister of the owner of comic book store or the owner himself. I cannot read anything. I think my last non-existant relationship was right when treating people like they are total strangers despite they do stuff for you because I cannot make sense of anything. -wishes for a traditional relationship with more communication on my part as well as others- My psychosis makes me confused like none of this stuff is even happening and I have been crazy these past weeks presuming such and such. I also feel like a w****. I appreciated his treatment of confidence gaining tactics and testing me to see if I was more interested in him than my prior love interest. I think everyone needs to treat me this way. Kinda feel weird like I am attempting to date a highly popular person that no one is agreeing on this relationship. Wish I had the structure of school right now. I think the sensations I feel tell me that such and such person is trying to place less aesthetic interest and more subject interest. I still cannot read everything though. THere have been other people living there and am confused like he should be at work during such and such and there is someone else and get him confused.

  4. Brumalis 10wk 6d ago


  5. Brumalis 14wk 5d ago

    -wants to borrow someone's useable computer for games but no friends- D:

  6. Brumalis 29wk 4d ago


  7. Brumalis 33wk 3d ago

    -grumpies- "D:

  8. Brumalis 34wk 4d ago


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